How Good is Your CMS?

A good content management system (CMS) is very desirable for an e-commerce or content site. The market leaders in the CMS space are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Considering that the market leading CMSs are open-source and free, is there a market for a commercial CMS? The answer is a resounding "yes." This is because what is freely available might turn out to be very costly to maintain, when you factor in the time and labor. In this blogpost, we are going to talk about one such commercial CMS that is worthy of your consideration: Craft CMS

Craft CMS uses PHP and MySQL to craft its magic. It is feature-rich and user-friendly. It is built from the ground up as a CMS — and not as a blogging engine like WordPress. The CMS market is very crowded with many established players and Craft is gaining market share against entrenched competitors. A new release of Craft CMS is available every few weeks—and updating the CMS is a one-click process. Bugs get fixed very quickly and security is a top priority. Craft CMS is a commercial product that is available for around $300.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Craft CMS:

  • You can have multiple different content types, such as text, rich text or images.
  • It uses Twig templating language which makes development of the site rather painless. It uses Yii as the PHP framework, which is known for being light-weight and producing fast-loading sites. If you are running 24x7 high-traffic news site, Craft CMS can be a very good choice.
  • Craft provides most of the needed functionality out of the box, but there are commercial plug-ins available in those cases wherein you might want to extend the functionality of the core CMS.
  • A live preview of the page that you are building is available. This way you can see how your content will look like before it goes live.
  • If you so desired, you can use cloud-based object stores such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage to store your images. You can also use a CDN like Amazon CloudFront to front the object store; this can result in very speedy load times.
  • Craft CMS has built-in functionality to create localized content, such as multi-lingual sites. The control panel for Craft is already translated into 18 different languages.
  • Since the CMS is based on PHP and MySQL, it's very easy to find web hosts. This reduces costs and improves portability.