Kunert's Services

To make a website load faster, it's important to make sure that both front-end and back-end of the site are performing well. Front-end optimization involves tweaking HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images sent to the browser; back-end optimization deals with web servers, reverse proxies, CDNs, and caching layers. Approximately 70% of site performance is related to front-end and 30% to back-end. Kunert's performance experts can work with your technical staff to remove any hurdles to a fast site performance.

Front-end Optimization
Kunert has expertise in making sure that cascading style sheets are minimized, images sizes are reduced, HTML is compresses, and JavaScript is loaded in a non-blocking manner. Additionally, we will make sure that the site loads properly on a mobile browser. (Try loading kunert.com on your smartphone; notice how the responsive design works!)

Back-end Optimization
Back-end optimization involves the heavy lifting on the server side. Kunert can help you with properly configuring web servers, setting up Varnish or serving images from a CDN.

How to Get Started with Kunert
If your company's website is slow to load—and you want to make it faster—get in touch with Kunert today. Our experts will analyze why your site is slow, suggest a pathway to success, and help you implement the needed changes. Where you are located physically is not important since all of the work can be done remotely using Skype and email.

Performance optimization is a process—not an event

The internet is changing over time. Over the last 20 years, internet bandwidth has increased steadily and site visitors expect sites to load faster & faster. More recently, after the advent of mobile web, people expect to load sites on smartphones. Kunert helps you navigate the changing internet landscape skillfully, while avoiding costly mistakes.